Treat yourself or your special someone with Lavender Sun Care Gift Set—a selection of green beauty products expertly designed to pamper and soothe in Summer. Delightfully sweet, comforting aroma of lavender essential oil relieves stress and anxiety, blows away the blues and cleanses your emotional palette. Silky, incredibly nourishing lip balm keeps your lips soft and supple. Natural sunscreen, made with non-nano zinc oxide, effectively protects you from sunburn, while nurturing your skin with precious oils and butters. The soothing mist rapidly cools overheated skin, alleviates inflammation, relieves irritation, and naturally repels insects. Organic soothing gel, made of aloe vera, conveniently provides superior hydration after a day in the sun; quickly absorbing aloe vera, reinforced with vitamin E, delivers an immediate sunburn relief while repairing sun damage, and intensely moisturizing your skin.


- Lavender Lip Balm

- Lavender Natural Sunscreen, 4 fl oz

- Soothing Lavender Mist, 2 fl oz

- Soothing Lavender Gel, 2 fl oz
- Organza drawstring bag

- Gift bag
- Gift tag

Lavender Sun Care Gift Set