Grapefruit Mini Spa Gift Set features invigorating Malina Organic Bath Salts and Organic Lip Balm. The energizing aroma of these products is tart and refreshing, evocative of the first scent that permeates the air as the peel is broken when cutting a grapefruit. Grapefruit essential oil naturally energizes, rejuvenates, and inspires to embrace joy. As the bath salts draw out toxins from your body and revitalize your skin, silky and creamy lip balm nourishes your lips, delightfully enhancing the grapefruit spa experience. Treat yourself or special someone with Malina Grapefruit Mini Spa gift.


- Uplifting Grapefruit Himalayan Salt Soaking Salts, 8 fl oz

- Grapefruit Organic Lip Balm
- Organza drawstring bag

- Gift bag
- Gift tag


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Grapefruit Mini Spa Gift Set

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