Balancing set of Malina Organic Bath Salts naturally instills serenity and peacefulness. Each of the blends is made with luxurious mineral salts, aromatic flowers, coconut oil and nurturing essential oils. Deliciously comforting lavender bath will help you blow away the blues and cleanse your emotional palette; sweet, fruity and herbaceous aroma of chamomile melissa bath brings you warmth and comfort—while drawing out toxins from your body and nourishing your skin. Treat yourself or special someone with Malina Organic Bath Salts for the ultimate spa experience.


- Relaxing Lavender Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts

- Calming Chamomile Melissa Bath Salts
- Organza drawstring bag

- Gift bag
- Gift tag

Balancing Bath Salts Gift Set

SKU: 00705

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