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Family-Owned Holistic Beauty Brand

Malina is a Christian family-owned holistic beauty brand where every ingredient benefits the skin and every product delivers tangible results. Our functional organic natural skincare is formulated with the most efficacious botanicals and without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Allow nature to nurture is our philosophy. We believe that with gentle care, alongside a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, your skin can experience incredible transformation.

Our skin-loving products are designed using modern aromatherapy techniques to elevate your wellness experience, in and outside of your bathroom. Malina enhances your beauty rituals with pure essential oils that protect, moisturize and nourish your skin, at the same time inviting you to take time out and immerse yourself in beautiful aromas straight from the natural world.

Beauty Without Compromise

We are committed to using only the highest quality certified organic ingredients made in the USA or sourced through fair-trade alliances. We are transparent with our ingredients so you know exactly what you put on your skin. Our creations are 100% natural and contain no artificial fragrance, coloring, parabens, or preservatives. All of our products are handmade in small batches and packaged in glass or BPA-free plastic containers. None of our products has been tested on animals. All of our products are gluten-free.

Our Founder


Malina New York was born years ago while I was formulating natural deodorant tough enough to last through a marathon, bath salts to aid in sports recovery and balms to soothe chapped lips. 

Through years of perfecting recipes and endless hours of research, my passion for natural cosmetics inspired the vision for a holistic skincare line where every ingredient benefits the skin and every product delivers tangible results.

I am grateful to be able to share Malina with you. I have fallen in love with our products and hope that you will too! Thank you for supporting what we do!


Word of Mouth

deodorant GRAPEFRUIT .5oz 1.jpg

Superior product

I’ve used natural deodorants before, and while I felt good about what I was putting on my skin, they never stopped body odor. But this stuff smells amazing, doesn’t leave you sticky in the armpit area, and keeps body odor away! I’m am so impressed I bought one (different scent, the grapefruit is all mine, haha) for my husband.

Alaskan Momma

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